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To keep ourselves going in this year of rebuilding, we are providing the 'HoVo' students event with a cool American football performance. During this day the students of the student association Amphitryon will play a hockey and soccer tournament and enjoy some drinks in American style. The Wildcats will show a demo game and provide a clinic for the students, so they can see, feel and hear what a real American sport is like. Our part of the event will take place May 30, from 16:00h till 18:00h @ SV Amphitryon, Jeruzalemweg 1, Maastricht.  

May 30, 2015 - HoVo Students Event

On June 28, we will play a home game against the Andenne Bears, a Belgium team. This will be the first test for our new team, mostly consisting out of rookies. We are very grateful for the Bears and their coach Grégory Boll for making this possible with their willingness to come play at our house. So to all the fans, grab some friends and come support the Maastricht Wildcats as they try and defend their house!


We will kick off at 15:00h


Let's go Wildcats!

October 18, 2015 - Scrimmage day Vs. Utrecht Dominators

June 28, 2015 - Friendly Game Vs. Andenne Bears

On October 18th, the Maastricht Wildcats will host the Utrecht Dominators for a joined practice, which we will end with a friendly game against each other. We will also be joined by the Aachen Nighthawks to further improve our cooperation.

The joint practice will be from 12:00h until 14:00h and the friendly game will take place from 16:00h until 18:00h.

So come out and enjoy watching some American Football!


We'd like to thank both teams for making this happen and look forward to this exciting day!

November 22, 2015 - Scrimmage day Vs. Spijkenisse Scouts

After not being able to test our strengths against the Dominators, since they couldn't make the trip down. we are very eager to play a friendly scrimmage day with the Spijkenisse Scouts.

The scrimmage will take place at our home field, at 14:00h.

We will be joined again with players as well as Coach Stephen Miller from the Aachen Nighthawks.


Let's this one follows through and make it fun day!

December 13, 2015 - Scrimmage day Vs. AAFC

On December 13, as a final challenge before the Christmas holidays we will have a combined scrimmage at the field of AAFC, the Antwerp American Football Club.

This team is working on a cooperation with the former Puurs Titans and therefore the day will take place at 14:00h in Puurs.


And as our cooperation with Aachen Nighthawks keeps improving and showing more success, they once again will join us to make it a great day for football!

January 24, 2016 - Scrimmage day Vs. Liège Monarchs

As our season is about to start we want to see what we're capable of one last time, so we will have another friendly scrimmage against the Liège Monarchs.

They will join us at our home field at 11:00h.

Let's show everybody we are ready for the season to start!

February 26-28, 2016 - Practice Camp!

We will go to camp, which we planned before we had the season schedule, just a short week after defeating the Eindhoven Raptors in our first official season game!

This means we are going to camp with pride and momentum, hoping to make to most out of this camp and get ready for the rest of the league!

We will use camp improve as a team. As we're a mix of two former teams, now put together as one, we

will also be working on team building with some fun activities!  


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